LEGO Minecraft The Chicken Coop 21140 Building Kit (198 Pieces)

Make your Minecraft village flourish and grow with this authentically designed LEGO Minecraft The Chicken Coop 21140 Building Kit.

Includes an Alex Minecraft Minifigure, plus baby chicken and tamed wolf figures, 2 chickens civilians and a hen!

Features a henhouse with an opening roof that delivers eggs to the exterior chest (and baby animals can safely crawl inside), fences for livestock grazing in the grassy area, water trough where pigs can quench their thirst in the scorching sun or frigid winds, a furnace for cooking up sausages to keep hungry mobs happy any time of day, plus more animal-themed details around every corner!

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LEGO Minecraft The Skull Arena 21145 Building Kit (198 Pieces)

Build a battling Skull Arena and defeat your opponent to claim your Minecraft treasure – the golden apple
This Minecraft playset is based on the exciting Minecraft game and includes 2 LEGO Minecraft figures, each with their own unique Minecraft skin, and a firing slime shooter… and a killer rabbit
The Minecraft battle takes place in the Skull Arena, which measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 9″ (24cm) wide and 6″ (16cm) deep

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LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave 21141 Building Kit with Popular Minecraft Characters Steve and Zombie Figure, separate…

Build a LEGO Minecraft cave complete with coal, redstone, gold and diamond ore elements, furnace and ladder, plus Minecraft zombie figures and a cool TNT blast function!
This LEGO Minecraft set includes a Steve Minecraft minifigure, plus zombie, baby zombie and bat figures
Measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 7″ (19cm) wide and 5″ (14cm) deep

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